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Knowing Your Data Is Safe

Data Is Safe

Knowing Your Data Is Safe All companies of today make great use of the technology available to them and rely on their data.  Most businesses however, don’t have the budget to invest in network storage or large servers, which is what the bigger companies use to transfer information and create a backup of the information they rely on to carry ... Read More »

Importance Of Recovery Planning

Disaster causes

Importance Of Recovery Planning Disasters are common in the world today, from nature to car wrecks.  In the computer industry, disasters aren’t any different.  They can come in the form of an office fire, computer crashes, hard drive failure, missing IT documents, stolen hardware, and many other forms.  Disasters can be very traumatic and stressful, although there are actions that ... Read More »

How To Back Up Files Correctly

How To Back Up Files Correctly

How To Back Up Files Correctly Throughout the world of computers, it’s simply amazing just how many people are scared to death of losing their data.  Most of those who are scared, don’t give a second thought to backing up their data.  Even though the thought may be the same, most people are worried more about losing their data than ... Read More »

Help With Hard Drive Data Recovery

Help with Data recovery

Help With Hard Drive Data Recovery: If you’ve had something bad happen to your hard drive and find yourself looking for data recovery help, your probably in a hurry, not wanted to listen to hype or schemes.  Many individuals who have experienced the loss of their data cannot wait, and need to have their data now.  Businesses on the other ... Read More »

Computer External Hard Drive Recovery

HDD recovery

Computer External Hard Drive Recovery: You can store your computer data in several different ways.  Data can be stored on removable disks, hard drives, CDs, DVDs, and other types of media.  Even though there are several ways that you can store your data, at some point in time the electronic or mechanical device is bound to break down, resulting in ... Read More »

How Make Digital Photos Recovery

Digital photo recovery

How Make Digital Photos Recovery: Digital photographs are something that are important to all of us.  Most of the pictures we take happen once in a lifetime, which is why they are so very important.  From your child’s first steps to pictures of your family, photographs are very important.  As important as they are, nothing is worse than losing them.  ... Read More »

Dealing With The Loss Of Data

dealing with loss data

Dealing With The Loss Of Data: Data loss is something that can be very traumatic.  Whether it’s a business with important files and documents, or an individual with precious pictures and videos, losing data can be a very traumatic and stressful situation.  If you’ve never experienced hard drive failure or losing data before, it can indeed be a situation where ... Read More »

How Data Recovery Procedures

data recovery procedure

How Data Recovery Procedures No matter who you are, where you work, or what type of computer you use – your computer data is always as risk.  With viruses, power surges, thunderstorms, natural disasters, human mistakes, and hackers around, the threats are always real.  To be on the safe side, you’ll need to back up your files and keep doing ... Read More »

How Cooling Your Hard Drive

cooling your hard drive

How Cooling Your Hard Drive For several different reasons, storage is a very important part of a computer.  These days, computers do far more than they ever have in the past.  From businesses to family photo’s, storage is the ideal way to keep documents on your computer.  The most popular method of storage is the hard disk drive, which we ... Read More »

Make Computer Diagnostics Problems

computer diagnostic

Make Computer Diagnostics Problems The diagnostics that are associated with computers can help to identify any problem or failure that computers show when they are having problems.  Diagnostics are used to test out the computer system, which includes both the BIOS and memory, software, and even the hardware that is attached to the computer. The most common types of problems ... Read More »